Pickleball Pros

Joe Matias – Head Pickleball Professional

Joe is a certified Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) coach and instructor.  He is an inspirational coach who loves teaching and helping others improve.

He has been playing pickleball for more than 3 years and competes at the 4.0-4.5 level.  

Joe is also a lifelong athlete, played competitive tables tennis, golfer, marathon runner, triathlete and ironman finisher.  He has medaled in several pickleball tournaments throughout Southern California and is an active member of USA Pickleball.

To book a lesson, contact Joe directly:
(323) 327-3998 (cell)

$90/hr for 1 on 1
$50/person/hr for 2 persons
$40/person/hr for group of 3
$35/person/hr for group of 4

Ken Kikkawa – Pickleball Instructor

Fondly called Coach K by his players and students, Ken is a certified pickleball coach by the Professional Pickleball Registry and an active member of USA Pickleball.  He has coached youth basketball and baseball for nearly 15 years and he is now sharing his love for pickleball with others.

Ken is an avid enthusiast of nutrition, health and fitness and he has competed in swimming, water polo, basketball, baseball, racquetball and long distance running.  After first being introduced to pickleball in 2022, Ken began to compete in tournaments first at the 3.0, then 3.5 and now 4.0 division, where he has continued to medal at each skill level in men’s and mixed doubles.

When asked why he loves pickleball so much, Ken replied “it’s a game that favors patience and placement over speed and power. Youth and athleticism are neutralized and I feel like people of all ages can get a little better each time they play.  In pickleball you don’t have to be the biggest, strongest, fastest, or tallest on the court to be the best player and oftentimes, the most dominant player can be the oldest of the group!”

To book a lesson, contact Ken directly:
(626) 379-3767 (cell)

$85 per hour (1 person)
$100 (2 persons)
$120 (3 or 4 persons)